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I write and produce music nearly everyday. I pride myself on being an "on demand" Songwriter and Composer. My projects at Disney English have required me to write songs and chants from very specific lesson plans.


Full Orchestra and Band Mockups and Masters:

My production studio is state of the art, and my Virtual Instrument libraries contain over 3 terabytes of the very best instrumental samples, including LA Scoring Strings, Orchestral Tools' Berlin Woodwinds and Strings, Sample Modeling Winds, Vienna Symphonic Library, Ivory II, and Superior Drummer Libraries.

I produce the absolute very best sounding Orchestral, Jazz, Pop, and Rock mockups and masters.

To listen to samples of my BFM Digital collection of Classic TV Themes, click HERE


Producing Music and Video:

Recording Audio, Shooting Video
Digital Audio/Video Editing
Motion Graphics, and CD/DVD Mixing and Mastering:

From a 15 second spot for broadcast or web, to a full length video, CD, or film score, I can produce your project from concept to final cut, final mix, mastering, and duplication.

Always "On Time" and "On Budget":

With over 600 episodes of ABC-TV's General Hospital, and more than 100 Disney CDs under my belt, no scenario is too big, too small, or too soon!

Check out my latest CD Production on iTunes: Gary Lynn Floyd's new Album
"BodySoul" by clicking HERE


Music Preparation and Copying for recording and live performance:

My motto is, "There's no downbeat without music on the stands". I've prepared music for literally hundreds of recording sessions, live concerts and musicals. I use state of the art technology, equipment, and know-how, to get it there accurately, aesthetically playable, and on time.


Music Engraving for Publication:

Whether you are a Composer, Recording Artist, Choir Master, or Music Educator, you'll want your manuscript or songbook prepared by someone who knows engraving. As the exclusive engraver for DC Press and The Musical Source Publishing; and with over 300 titles in print; I can produce your Choral Piece, Orchestral Work, or Pop Songbook to industry standards. From hand written scores, computer generated files (all formats), or lifted from your latest recording, I can give your work the "classic" engraved look you want.


Music Transcription/Takedowns:

I eat, sleep, drink, and dream music notation. Got recorded music? I have the lead-sheet, score, piano/vocal arrangement, guitar/bass tab, percussion part, or custom designed manuscript that best represents what you do.



Got sheet music you need in another key? No problem Transpositions R Us!


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